Mace Pepper Guns

Mace® Pepper Gun

CaptureHow A Compact Weapon Can Protect You

Defense spray is a non-deadly weapon which provides an excruciating burning feeling onto the skin as well as in the eyes. This causes the target short-term incapacitation, providing you ample time to escape danger as well as call for aid without picking up a fight with the assailant.

Self-defense sprays in gun-type casings, pepper guns are compact and handy to bring around, even for women. The Mace® Pepper Gun utilizes an advanced delivery system using Bag-in-a-Can™ technology. You are able to make use of a pepper spray gun just like an aerosol, in a constant manner, coming from any kind of angle, even when this is used upside down.

One of the best features of the Mace® Pepper Gun is an activated LED light. This enables you to have a far better aim as well as disorients the assailant temporarily. Also, its OC cartridge has about 7 25-foot blasts, which means you do not have to get closer to the target to make use of the Mace® Pepper Gun.